Todd Ross (envisioning) wrote,
Todd Ross

Just to start off with.

My name is Todd.
What I would like to say is that I have had a few classes in high school where the teacher has instructed us how to interpret a given piece of poetry. I think that is the worst thing that a teacher can tell a class. Poetry is only good if (1) it is well written and (2) if the reader is free to see whatever he or she sees in the poem.
We all have childhood memories which are part of how we see life as we grow up. These memories, such as smells of grandma's kitchen at Christmas, the perfume our mothers wore and maybe how dad smelled like the factory where he worked, are all part of how we sense things today.
Sight also plays a big part in how we interpret things we later hear or read. Touch, sounds, they all have a way of bringing out the spice from within us that we flavor our senses with now in our lives.
What I hope to give you is something from me that is so personal that it will be like knowing me forever, and I knowing you.
I am going to give you pieces of my heart. Pieces that I will never ask back from you. They are yours to keep.
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