Todd Ross (envisioning) wrote,
Todd Ross

~~Just to know me~~

If you could see me truly when there was nothing but me to see.
If you could look on my face, braces shining in the moonlight, and it was only me.
Not beautiful and not ugly but simply me.
And I knew not that you glanceed my way. Only that I am there.
My face in awe of the night and the sound of a lonely jet that passes in the distance pinned to the black sky like a brooch.
Dressed darkly in the night yet undressed to you.
Would it be my sould that you see or would it be me?
So often have I seen from some distance my face like this, deep in thought and simmering in the darkest starlit night.
Wandering in a dense cloud, a figure you cannot be sure is me.
Dressed like a robed monk of old following some dark trail through my mind.
And you stop and peer closely at me. "Is it he? He looks so different floating there so absorbed in his thought. I have seen him not this way before."
"That abyss of dark that shrouds his face among his hooded robe. Is it only in my mind that I see him this way?"
"His soul exposed naked in my arms like life itself in its beginning."
And your eyes caress me warm but there is a fear that you hide. There is something different about me tonight that you see or is it something that you seek.
Yet I ask nothing more than you know my soul so that I am yours in my nakedness.
Stood silently beneath the fogged streetlamp. I could have been anyone tonight you thought. "But oddly enough it is you."
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