Todd Ross (envisioning) wrote,
Todd Ross


The thunder clattered above my head, I could hear it distinctly.
I saw you.
I knew when your automobile stopped and you frantically tried to make it go again.
I knew when the first rain drops hit your coat.
I felt your fear of the dark night, the blowing trees and the brilliant lightning and its impending thunder.
I willed you here to my home. There was nowhere else you said to yourself. Just the dark lonely looking house at the end of the road.
You almost laughed to yourself as you saw how you had wound up in this haunted movie through no choice of your own. It almost fascinated you.
I heard the stones as they ground under your feet. I could smell you. You had the fragrance of a young man not unlike myself in appearance.
The cold rain clinging to the roses at my arch drenched you as you opened the gate. You stopped and shuttered. Then you proceeded up the ancient concrete walk to my door.
You didn't notice how dark and huge my abode was until you looked up again and it loomed in front of you.
I opened the door for you.
You stopped. You tipped your head to the side to see if there was a light but there was none.
I heard the wooden porch creak andI felt the excitement of you entering into my home. It took my breath away.
I had just awakened as the sun had dropped in the night sky and there you stood in my parlor. You stood silent as you centered yourself on the red rug in the middle of the room. You wondered why the room was lit with candles.
This was a quaint place you thought.
I watched you remove your coat and warm yourself by my roaring fire.
"Hello?" You called.
I did not answer.
I stood just behind you in the shadows.
Your pale boyish figure made me cling to my own youth. It was so long ago but my body said otherwise. Though I was old I appeared as you did, youthful and full of life and yet full of death.
"Welcome!" I said.
You turned with a start.
"I'm sorry. Did I frighten you?" I asked.
I feasted on the rays of light from your eyes that devoured my vision.
You froze as I glided towards you never seeming to take a step.
"You are cold and tired." I said.
You stepped back as far as you could against the roaring fire.
Was it my pallor that worried you?
I moved to meet you. Intimately close I stood before you.
Why would you be afraid? Afraid of one as beautiful as I?
You did not move and I placed my teeth against your neck and I drank.
Almost instantly I could feel the pallor drain from my face as you slipped from my grasp and fell to the floor on the red carpet.
I had willed you there. You were mine this night and the thunder exploded and my laughter echoed throughout the house.
Now you will be with me here always. I am your maker. I am the monster god that made you.
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