Todd Ross (envisioning) wrote,
Todd Ross

Golly Gee
I wish I was more into writing right now. That last one came out kind of ~AAAAAaakkk huh?

I didn't really intend for it to be so..., well you know....
But I was reading a journal in here that made me think of love. Of course when you think of love you also sometimes think of love lost. There in lies my problem. I started thinking how happy I was for him which made me wish I was that happy. Not that I was jealous, just contemplative.
Having someone walk away from you when you are still so much in love with them must make one hope that they at least take part of you with them. To hold and keep in a warm spot.
You lay awake at night and think of them and you wonder if they are thinking of you. You miss them so and there is such a blinding silence all around.
Every place you used to go haunts you now. Songs you used to love together, now hurt your ears.
Seeing others happy in love only makes you sad.
I remember when I fell in love once. It wasn't long ago. It was my first time. I felt almost ill to realize that I needed this person so. The pit of my stomach hurt and I was so afraid that I would blow it. But I didn't. It lasted a good long while, until one night I saw my love with someone else. That was the night that I learned what they meant when they used the words broken heart.
Not only did my heart break but it felt as if my love took part of it away. There was an emptiness that is still there if I allow myself to feel for it.
And I always wonder, does my love ever think of me? Miss me?
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